My Eyes Can Stand No More Than Four Minutes Of Marc Vorlander's SHOWGIRLS: EXPOSED.

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Oh, good god. German director Marc Vorlander is back with a new, four minute promo clip from his Showgirls: Exposed - the unofficial Showgirls sequel previously known as Showgirls 2, Showgirls The Story of Hope and Showgirls The Return - and I'm thankful four minutes is all it is because I couldn't take much more.

Vorlander claims to have made this film with a twenty million dollar budget and if that is true then he is surely the worst director on the face of the planet or, perhaps, the most expensive director ever to be saddled with such cheap equipment. It's perplexing, surreal, not at all sexy despite being filled with nudity, strangely compelling and virtually unwatchable, all rolled in to one poorly edited package. The title cards are good for a giggle, though.

Not even remotely safe for workplace viewing, you can check it out below.

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