Isaac Florentine and Scott Adkins Re-Team For Krav Maga Action Film BLOOD HOSTAGE

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Well, well. Fans of recent US martial arts flicks Undisputed III and Ninja wondering when we'd next get to see star Scott Adkins and director Isaac Florentine in action won't have long to wait. Word has just arrived that the long standing collaborators will continue their fruitful relationship with Blood Hostage, a new martial arts action film built around the Israeli discipline of krav maga.  Set to launch production July 15th, the film is the first of a slate of six set up with Israel's Praxis Films by actress / producer Shirly Brener. Also on board as a producer is William Chartoff, who filled the same role on Stallone's Rocky Balboa. Here's the official announcement:

Los Angeles, CA., June 14, 2010 --Actress/producer Shirly Brener (Righteous Kill / Hit List) has teamed up with Praxis Films (Spring 1941 / Joseph Fiennes) to produce a slate of 6 films.  The first film under the pact will be "Blood Hostage", a mixed martial arts - krav maga action film that begins shooting in Tel Aviv, Isreal on July 15, 2010.  Helmer Isaac Florentine (Undisputed 2 and 3, Ninja) will direct action star Scott Adkins in the film about an former operative who travels into Lebanon to rescue his former wife's new husband. 

"My vision for joining forces with  Praxis is to bring American films to shoot in Israel and Europe whereby we are promoting the film industries worldwide and generating jobs for crews and talent", said Brener.  "It has always been my mission to spread the film industry globally, whether as actor or producer."  Billy Chartoff (The Mechanic), Eviatar Dotan and Rami Damri are also producing "Blood Hostage", which will be distributed by Lightning Media.

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