Red Band Trailer for Albert Pyun's 'Tales of an Ancient Empire'

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LARPers and RPGers and anyone else who gets their kicks off sword and sorcery flicks, cult film fans world wide, we are pleased to present you not just any trailer for Albert Pyun's Tales of an Ancient Empire. No, no. If it were just any old trailer from Albert Pyun I would say 'boo' and 'hiss'. To that we say 'nay nay'.

When you present a trailer for an Albert Pyun pic you sure as heck better make sure it is a red band trailer and so we bestow upon you, the faithful and patient, the red band trailer for Tales of an Ancient Empire

To that I give this warning, 'Yar. Thar be boobies about a minute into these here trailers'. Standard and High definition boobies embedded after the break. 
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