Cannes 2010: Because Every Escape Needs A Quality Soundtrack, A Clip From SOUND OF NOISE

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It is going to be a strange year in Cannes, no doubt about it. Not only does the Critics Week lineup feature an angry psychic tire in Quentin Dupiuex's Rubber but it's also got a gang of musical terrorists in Ola Simonsson and Johannes Stjarne Nilsson's Sound of Noise.

Police detective Amadeus Warnebring was born into a family of illustrious musicians - which is deeply ironic, given that he loathes music with a passion.

His life is thrown into chaos when a band of crazy musicians decides to perform a musical apocalypse using the city as their orchestra...

Reluctantly, Warnebring embarks on his first musical investigation...

The first clip for this one has arrived online and it's a good time, indeed. All car chases would go a bit better, I think, if the drivers brought their own live musical accompaniment ...

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