Trailer Arrives For Sook-Yin Lee's YEAR OF THE CARNIVORE

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Is Sook-Yin Lee Canada's answer to Miranda July? To those outside Canada I can certainly see why she might be looked at that way but for those of us who call Canada home Lee has been such a strong media presence for so long that it's hard to see her as anything other than herself.

Lee rose to prominence as a television host before moving on to radio and the written word and now has her fingers in just about everything that has to do with media and art. In front of the camera - and outside home territory - Lee is probably best known for her starring role in John Cameron Mitchell's Short Bus but my guess is that it's behind the camera where Lee will make the biggest impact.

After some short film work, Lee made her feature directorial debut at the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival with Year of the Carnivore, a quirky relationship comedy that isn't without its flaws but is certainly one of the more engaging debuts to come out of our cold northern land in the past several years.  Theatrical release is looming soon and so the trailer has finally arrived.  Check it below.
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