Second Trailer for Animated Short THE MOUSE THAT SOARED

I been doing some backtracking to past reports and discovered a second trailer for Kyle Bell's The Mouse That Soared has already been uploaded.  Its a CG animated short produced by some of the crew from Laika Entertainment. Unlike the previous trailer, we actually get to meet the bird parents whom adopted the abandoned mouse and see them teach him how to fly with a not so successful result. 
Step right up and behold the harrowing and hair-raising aerial adventures of a flying circus mouse! Witness the rise of our orphan foundling as he learns valuable lessons in life and flight from two well-intentioned adoptive songbirds! Fasten your safety belts as our little faux-feathered hero reflects on his unlikely beginnings on his flight path to becoming a coveted circus sensation! Come one, come all to this high-flying tale of overcoming adversity and beating near-impossible odds!
Check out the official site to view some concept art.  You'll find the second trailer embedded below.
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