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Indie singer songwriter Jose Gonzalez - don't let the name fool you, he's Swedish - has followed an unlikely path to become one of the darlings of the music scene. A sort of modern Nick Drake, Gonzalez was charting a career path as low key as his music until the day came that Sony decided to use one of his songs in a global ad campaign. And, boom, an international star was born. A painstaking, meticulous writer, Gonzalez takes his time between albums to make sure everything is exactly right and now Swedish documentary The Extraordinary Ordinary Life Of Jose Gonzalez offers an intimate look at his creative process.

With a combination of video diary, surveillance camera, concert and tour footage as well as animations the filmmakers Mikel Cee Karlsson and Fredrik Egerstrand have followed one of Sweden's most interesting artists José González. The film was shot over a three year period on location in Sweden, Japan, Singapore, United States, South Africa, England, Chile and Argentina.

In the film we follow José González through intimate and unique scenes shot during work with the long-awaited second album In our nature. In his studio, at home and on tour. Through a diary, based on personal voice recordings we follow his everyday reflections. Thoughts on the photons way from the sun to our eyes, Darwinism, the struggle to write songs. The diary gives us un exclusive insight into one persons attempt to manage and understand his own existence..

Having recently premiered at Sweden's Goteborg Film Festival a trailer - fully English subtitled - has just arrived and it's a charmer. The use of animation is a surprisingly playful touch.  Check it below.
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