Train racings, nude women, wilderness and drama in the trailer of The Edge

The new movie of director Alexei Uchitel The Edge (Край, Kraj) is a drama set in Soviet post-war entourage.

In August of 1945, former tank-man Ignat (played by Vladimir Mashkov), whose passion is locomotives, returns to the remote village Kraj (The edge). He gets to know that there's a German train on the remote island, abandoned since war. But he finds out that the locomotive has the name Gustav and its owner is German girl Elza, whose father was a German engineer, arrested in the beginning of war.

Well, judging from the trailer the movie has got locomotive racings, drama twists (Russian girl in the trailer was like "Why do you sleep with this heartless German b*tch instead of me" and the guy was shouting something like "Listen to her heart, the man has beating heart, but she doesn't") and unique wild almost post-apocalyptic atmosphere, not historically truthful, but entertaining.
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