Trailer For Award Winning Mexican Slacker Drama PERPETUUM MOBILE

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Anyone with a bit of Latin can explain to you the joke built in to the title of Mexican slacker drama Perpetuum Mobile. Because, despite what the title may imply, this is a film in which nothing ever happens. And that's kind of the point. It is the story of Gabino, a drifting-through-life slacker who lives at home with his nagging mother while working from time to time as a mover and being constantly - and negatively - compared to his emotionally distant but financially over achieving brother. Festival synopses for this one have spilled far too many details about the plot so other than pointing out that Somos Lo Que Hay lead Francisco Barreiro also features in this one as Gabino's co-worker, I'll leave it at that.

Perpetuum Mobile was just awarded the Best Mexican Feature award at the Guadalajara International Film festival. Check the trailer below.
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