SXSW 2010: A SERBIAN FILM Theatrical Trailer Only Hints At The Depravity That Lurks Within ...

Todd Brown, Founder and Editor
Does anybody else recall the uproar triggered by David Cronenberg's explicit meshing of sex and violence in 1996's Crash? Well, strap in kids, because Srdjan Spasojevic's debut feature A Serbian Film is about to take its North American bow at SXSW and there are things in this picture that will leave ol' Dave positively blushing with shame at how timid and safe his tale of auto-eroticism appears by comparison. And that Spasojevic's film has some brains to back up all the shocking imagery only serves to make it all that much more appalling.

The story of a semi-retired porn star drawn back into the business for the proverbial 'one last job' this is graphic, brutal, wildly transgressive stuff. We've just landed a brand new, fully English friendly, theatrical trailer for the picture and be warned that although this only barely scratches the surface of the film's content it would still very much be a Red Band trailer if released here in North America and is absolutely NOT safe for viewing in any sort of work environment.
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