Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World K.O.'s the Internet (TEASER APPEARS!)

The teaser for what is sure to be Toronto's own Manhattan, but with more kung-fu and video game references has finally been released. Click for the Epicness of TTC Buses in a Hollywood Blockbuster That Isn't Resident Evil!

I'll be honest I am still wary about the film's tone, but stylistically this is really looking aces. Really like the De Palma-style split screen action early on and the glimpses we get of Brad Allan's choreography looks to be a lot of fun. It is most definite that come August 13th, we'll all be privy to a grade-A bone-crunching, onomatopoeia-driven, button-mashing inspired, throw-down of...well... epic proportions. 

Also, if you haven't already, check out Edgar Wright's blog.  Way back since pre-production for Scott Pilgrim, Edgar has been driving a pretty magnificent hype machine with photo blogs, behind the scenes videos, song downloads and more. 

Post your thoughts on fire and pixel swords below.

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