Please, God, Let The New GODZILLA Be Better Than The Roland Emmerich Version.

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So. Apparently when Toho announced that they were retiring Godzilla and sent him off into the sunset in the mass-monster madness that was Ryuhei Kitamura's take on the classic franchise, what they REALLY meant was that they weren't going to make any more Godzilla films themselves but that if Hollywood wanted to back a big truck full of money into their parking lot, they'd be happy to listen to whatever Hollywood had to say.

There is now one more truck full of money in Japan.

Legendary Pictures has officially announced that Godzilla is returning to US shores. No director yet but Roy Lee and Doug Davison of Vertigo Entertainment are both involved in the producing group.

Please, everyone, learn from the mistakes made by the last American Godzilla picture.  You know. The one people hoped would be the LAST American Godzilla picture.
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