New promo materials for PHOBOS: THE CLUB OF FEAR

The date of release of Russian entry into horror/thriller genre Phobos: The Club of Fear (Фобос: Клуб Страха) had been changed several times, and now it's finally scheduled on March 25, 2010. As the date of release is close, producers publish promo materials for the story about 20some people locked in Soviet underground bunker with hidden traps.

Rainy summer evening - young people are arriving at the new trendy club named Phobos which is still under construction or re-construction - since it's a former bomb shelter which is reconstructed to become a club. At first, the partiers sees nothing wrong, but soon the bunker doors turn out to be locked, and the teenagers get trapped underground without light and communication. None of them realize how dangerous their situation is. All of them will need to cope with their fears before the bunker will let them free.

Two tv-spots:

And 5 minutes of footage from the movie, probably from the beginning. I think producers made mistake by posting it, because it's just talk-n-walk:
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