Meet The Family From Mexican Cannibal Thriller SOMOS LO QUE HAY

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Jorge Michel Grau's Somos Lo Que Hay (We Are What We Are) remains the surprise film of the year for me so far. Produced as part of the first feature program at the CCC - Mexico's national film school - and completed less than a week before it's premiere at the Guadalajara International Film Festival all anyone knew about this one going in was that it somehow revolved around a family of cannibals.

While I'm hoping to be able to share a trailer from the film before too long to demonstrate why this one impressed so much there simply isn't one to share just yet - see above comment about the film being freshly completed - so we're going to have to wait a bit on that.  I do, however, have a gallery of stills to share, most of them revolving around young lead Francisco Barreiro as Alfredo. Though this is just Barreiro's fourth feature he's an actor to keep an eye on. Very talented, he also has a key role in Perpetuum Mobile, the film that won Best Mexican Feature in Guadalajara.

In a cruel twist of fate young actor Alan Chavez, who plays Barreiro's younger brother in Somos Lo Que Hay, was gunned down by police in Mexico City in September. He was only nineteen.
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