English Subtitled Trailer For Thai Horror Anthology STILL (aka DIE A VIOLENT DEATH)

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After the runaway success of the Phobia films from GMM Tai Hub, success quickly followed by the Sahamongkol backed hit Haunted Universities, the horror anthology is all the rage in Thailand. And here comes Phranakorn Film with the aptly titled Die A Violent Death.

Those who have seen it say this one is quite good though whether that is because of or despite the fact that the four stories that make it up have been ripped from Thai news headlines is very much down to individual tastes.

Spearheaded by Poj Arnon, the four segments revolve around a deadly nightclub fire, a corpse stashed in an apartment building's water tank, a prison suicide and a haunted motel room - as pictured above. There's definitely a nastier edge to this than to previous Thai horror collections and we've got an English subtitled trailer to whet the appetite.
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