Complete Terracotta Far East Film Festival Lineup Announced!

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A couple weeks back Twitch got word that the 2010 Terracotta Far East Film Festival in London would include the likes of Jackie Chan's Little Big Soldier and Soi Cheang's Accident and now we've got the rest of the line up for you! Joining those two will be:

Cult Japanese hit Fish Story, Mamoru Hosoda's animated gem Summer Wars, Thai art-gore Meat Grinder along with horror anthology Phobia, Hong Kong action-drama Bodyguards and Assassins along with behind the scenes documentary Development Hell, In The Mood For Doyle and Yakuza Eiga from documentarian Yves Montmayeur, Japanese blockbuster 20th Century Boys 3, Korean drama Antique, arthouse oddity Cow, Japanese comic book style adventure K-20 and Johnnie To's Vengeance. And that, my friends is a high quality and very diverse lineup.
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