Grace Zabriskie is ready for her extreme close-up, Mr. deMille!

Prolific, creepy, and just plain delightful character actress Grace Zabriskie is perhaps best known as the emotionally estranged mother of Laura Palmer on the iconic television show Twin Peaks.  She remains a collaborator with director David Lynch and is sure to pop up hither and yon in his strange universes.  However, this lady who hails from New Orleans, from a bar on Bourbon Street no less, has well over 100 acting credits, from daytime soap operas to Seinfeld to Academy Awards bait like An Officer and A Gentleman.  

Her specialty is that slightly unhinged mother or mother-in-law that would as soon stab you in the face as bake you an apple pie.  Her eyes alone can speak volumes, and she has a peculiar and compelling body language that often does more work than dialogue in her screen time.  Can you name all five of the film (actually, one is from a pretty magnificent TV show) stills in the Gallery below?
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