Forget the Oscars, these are the TIGERS!

, Associate Editor, Features
This evening at the International Film Festival Rotterdam, the three Tiger Award winners were announced. The winners were:
"Agua Fría de Mar"
(dir: Paz Fábrega, Costa Rica)

(dir: Pedro González-Rubio, Mexico)
"Mundane History"
(dir: Anocha Suwichakornpong, Thailand)
The Tiger can only be won by directors who have made their first or second film. It is not just an award for good filmmaking, but also meant as an encouragement to make more films and includes a nice 15,000 Euro (each) to help do so.
The FIPRESCO award from the international film press went to "Let Each One Go Where He May" by Ben Russell, while the NETPAC award for promoting Asian cinema was won by the Korean film "Moscow" from director Whan Cheol-Mean. 
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