Axelle Carolyn talks about her feature 'The Ghost of Slaughterford'

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Axelle Carolyn. Writer. Actress. Stunner. Married to that lucky bastard Neil Marshall. And now all of her talents will be fully recognized in a convenient package, The Ghost of Slaughterford.

Axelle will have the lead in the film that she penned the screenplay for. Ian D. Fleming will helm the picture; he just finished 2nd unit director duties for Neil Marshall on Centurion. And speaking of Neil, he is playing the role of supportive husband and will be the executive producer for her film, "THE GHOST OF SLAUGHTERFORD reminds me of a kind of film that Britain doesn't make any more, a creeping menace full of great characters, heart-stopping terror, intrigue, suspense and even romance. I want to make this movie mainly because I want to see this movie."

When word started leaking out about her first feature she went to her old friends at Fangoria and gave the gist of the project. "THE GHOST OF SLAUGHTERFORD is a throwback to classic ghost stories and British horror. It was inspired by movies like THE HAUNTING and THE INNOCENTS, with a touch of THE WICKER MAN and Hammer films. It was also born out of frustration, in a way: frustration as an actress with the lack of strong female roles to play, and as a writer, with the fact that movies have, in the past few years, too often gone for gore and jump-scares instead of atmosphere and emotion."

Axelle will play a novelist trying to cope with the loss of her husband. Seeking inspiration for her next novel she travels to the remote town, aren't they all, of Slaughterford. She moves into the abandoned Rolph Manor and she encounters the ghost of Victor Rolph, who committed suicide in the old manor. But his spirit is not a vengeful one. He in fact becomes her ally as she discovers the residents of Slaughterford have dark satanic secrets of their own.
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