Sundance 2010: From The Producer Of Neill Blomkamp's ALIVE IN JOBURG, Trailer For Kenyan SciFi Short PUMZI

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While there's no doubt at all that Neill Blomkamp deserves every scrap of praise that he has received for the fantastic District 9, there is also no doubt that these sorts of creations never happen in a vacuum. There are absolutely always other hands involved. And one pair of those hands belong to Simon Hansen, the visual effects artist who co-produced District 9 precursor Alive In Joburg and is currently wrapping post production on Spoon, a film he co-directed with District 9 star - also an effects whiz - Sharlto Copley.

Hansen is currently in Sundance with yet another project, the science fiction short Pumzi. Directed and written by Kenya's Wanuri Kahui with Hansen on board as both effects man and co-producer, the word is coming back very strong.  And judging by the just-released trailer it's easy to see why.  Get ready for a wave of African film, people ... if Hansen and his ilk have any say in things it's coming soon.  Check the trailer below.
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