Russia goes gay in drag-queen dramedy JOLLY FELLOWS

Well, it seems like Russia is now produces a whole wave of movies, portraying life of outcast social minorities, the trend that was popular in America in 80s and was impossible in USSR at that time. During last 3 years Russians made movies about hipsters (stilyagi), hippies, prostitutes, stripteasers, gopniks (street bandits), skinheads, drug addicts, gays and now finally drag-queens.

The title is hard to translate directly, in Russian it's Весельчаки (Veselchaki), that literally means Gaymen, except that it doesn't mean homosexuality in Russian, just like it didn't mean homosexuality in English 50 years ago. Producers chose Jolly Fellows as English title.

The trailer promises a comedy about difficulties of queer life, but the movie has strong drama element as one of the "girls" got killed by homophobes. Thus it's better to describe genre of the movie as dramedy.
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