Quentin Dupieux Redefines The Road Movie With RUBBER

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We've had killer car movies. We've had killer driver movies.  Heck, we've had pretty much every sort of road-related violence possible captured on screen, right?  Right? Quentin Dupieux - aka electronica artist Mr Oizo - is here to tell us a resounding no.

A group of spectators is watching a mock-projection in the middle of the desert. They make comments on the scenes of the "film" as it is occurring before their eyes: Robert, a tire that has been abandoned in the desert, suddenly comes to life, for no reason. He learns how to get around, explores the desert and discovers in himself a passion for destroying insects and various lost items. Robert soon develops a telepathic gift, which gives him the ability to destroy anything he wants, without moving...

Yes, Dupieux's Rubber is the world's first killer tire movie. I am not making this up. This is a real, actual, feature length film. And you can find ten stills from it below.
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