Morphine's Mark Sandman Getting The Documentary Treatment.

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Though I discovered the music of Boston trio Morphine relatively late - shortly after the release of what would prove to be their final album, back in the days when 'alternative rock' could still mean something other than loud guitars - I was smitten hard.  There was something completely unique about this band, some infectious, and an awful lot of that had to do with lead singer and bassist Mark Sandman. Sandman would die on stage a little while later, struck down by a heart attack during a performance, and the music world would move on in entirely different directions but Morphine has never really been forgotten by those who were around at the time.

Which is why it pleases me greatly that documentary film Sandman: At Your Service is now in production.  A straight ahead bio-pic about Sandman's life, there is still lots to be done before it is finished but production house Gatling Pictures has already got enough that they've cut a first teaser for the thing.  Yes, please.
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