Could KOSMOS Writer-Director Reha Erdem Be Turkey's Answer To HUKKLE's Gyorgi Palfi?

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When Hungary's Gyorgi Palfi appeared on the international film scene with 2002's Hukkle writers were left straining to find the words to describe his very odd creation.  In his best moments Palfi is a curious fusion a raw, visceral realism and a sort of playful sense of fantasy and the unique combination of the two gives his work a strange power.

Enter Turkey's Reha Erdem.  Soon to take a bow in Berlin with Kosmos - a film Erdem wrote, directed and edited - I expect Erdem will provoke the same reactions.  There's a sense of real world fantasy to this that is rare in the extreme, the sense that actual people might actually be able to free themselves from gravity and achieve any sort of thing they desire. But fused to that there is also a sense of mortality, a down in the dirt understanding of humanity and the world we live in.  I think a lot of it comes from the rhythm of the editing and music but whatever it is, what Erdem has created here is positively hypnotic. 

Check the trailer below.
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