Do you want your name in the credits of a film? Or two? Or three? Here's how...

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The International Film Festival Rotterdam is known for trying to support both arthouse cinema and new talent. Heck, even their biggest prize (the Tiger Award) can only be won by first-time or second-time directors!

In that spirit, the festival also tries to be a fundraiser of sorts for new films, and as a novelty for this year the IFFR has set up a website which enables you to sponsor a movie of your choice. You do this by buying coins for 5 Euro each. Buying a coin makes you an official co-producer of the movie and allows you all sorts of behind-the-scenes information about your project-of-choice. The cool part is that if you buy 5 of those coins for a single movie your name will end up in that film's credits list.

So check out the website, and see if there is a project to your liking. There are three films to choose from.


Of course, if you REALLY want to fix your resumee you can sponsor all of them and state that you are currently co-producing three international films!

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