Okay GREEN HORNET Fans, Want To See The New Kato In Action? Here's The Full Trailer For Jay Chou In THE TREASURE HUNTER

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Why, oh why, couldn't the new Mummy film have been as much fun as this looks to be?  Releasing throughout Asia in December is Kevin Chu's The Treasure Hunter - an action-adventure movie that clearly intends to be a regional answer to the Indiana Jones, National Treasure and Mummy pictures and one that looks to have a great time doing it.  Huge scale, lots of action, great period detail and - while I might take some heat for saying so - I think star Jay Chou has exactly the right kind of charisma for this sort of film.  Yes, I know Chou - also cast as Kato in the upcoming Green Hornet remake - has not always chosen the best projects but there's just something watchable about the guy and his previous collaboration with director Chu - Kung Fu Dunk - was far more fun, not to mention far more peculiar, than it had any right to be.

In the northwest desert where countless prosperous dynasties have flourish and fall, there is rumor of a treasure of unbelievable riches buried among it. A group of mysterious guardians have been guarding the map to the location of the treasure until a fierce rivalry erupted. A notorious international crime group, The Company, hunted down the map keeper and before they managed to secure the map, the keeper passed the map to a young chivalrous man Ciao Fei (Jay Chou). Ciao Fei was forced to give up the map to save the life of his mentor's daughter Lan Ting (Lin Chi Ling). Teaming up with Hua Ding Bang (a famous archaeologist) and Lan Ting they embark on a dangerous journey to recover the map and fight to protect the ancient treasure.
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