Lee Byung-Heon, Choi Min-Shik for Kim Jee-woon's Next?

The last time we talked about Kim Jee-woon's upcoming projects, it was regarding his first venture into Hollywood, a remake of Claude Sautet's 70s caper Max et Les Ferrailleurs. Hoping to cast Clive Owen and possibly Sienna Miller in the leading roles, Kim wanted his Max and the Junkmen to start shooting in January, as winter was the perfect atmosphere for his noir ambiance. Seems like the film has hit a snag - we still don't have much in the way of the details, but it might just be casting issues delaying the first shoot past that all important Q1 2010 deadline, pushing things to late next year - so Kim is now focusing on his next project at home, which is tentatively entitled 아열대의 밤 (lit. Subtropical Night).

The film continues the recent noir thriller trend, with a man chasing the serial killer-cum-psychopath who killed his fiancee, and plenty of brutal action ensuing afterwards. Choi Min-Shik was cast in the psychopath role, one of the most inspired choices of recent memory - and a return to major projects for Choi, who's had a pretty rough three-four years, and recently returned to Chungmuro with Jeon Soo-Il's low budget indie 히말라야, 바람이 머무는 곳 (Himalaya, Where the Wind Dwells). Also, Lee Byung-Heon has received an offer to play the "chaser" avenging his fiancee's death. His management confirmed the offer, but also said that because of Lee's Hollywood commitments (G.I. Joe 2), Kim would have to adapt his schedule in accordance. So, again, no ink spilled yet, but if these three get together, this baby could turn as hot as its working title suggests. More on this in the coming months.

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