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Ah, young love and disappearances, these are the things that fuel Tom Harper's The Scouting Book For Boys.  Screening Sunday at the London Film Festival, Scouting Book stars the stellar Thomas Turgoose (This Is England, Somers Town) as the male half of the young duo, a duo split up first when the female half's parents announce that they will be moving away and then - more disturbingly - when the girl simply disappears.  Here's the synopsis from the festival site:

Having grown up together on a caravan park on the Norfolk coast where their respective parents work, young teenagers David (Thomas Turgoose) and Emily (Holly Grainger) have become close friends, deeply reliant on each other for distractions and mischief. It's a shock to them both when it's decided that Emily is to be sent away to live with her father, and there's even greater alarm throughout the park community when Emily disappears. David struggles to cope as the situation grows ever more complex. The debut feature from Tom Harper, director of a number of acclaimed shorts, and written by playwright and Skins contributor Jack Thorne, The Scouting Book for Boys is an expertly constructed drama with deftly handled shifts in tone, depicting the anxieties, awkwardness and fears of being a teenager, without denying the occasional delights of being young or the possibility of fun and adventure during a hazy British summer.

Though there's no trailer yet, the festival website is hosting the first publicly released clip from the film.  My only regret is that there isn't more of it.

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