Johnny Five Reboots

The 5 is alive. There is a remake/reboot of Short Circuit coming our way and Variety reports that director Steve Carr (Paul Blart: Mall Cop) and Dan Milano of Robot Chicken is writing. Still no word if Tim Blaney will be reprising his role as the iconic Johnny Five, but three IMDB message-board posters are holding their breath in apprehension, while the rest of us ask why this franchise needs to be resurrected.

I suppose the reason could be partially motivated by the success of Pixar's Wall-E, whose titular character bares some similarity with the 1986 military weapon and its endearing personality. Personally I feel the WED Teadwell repair droid from Star Wars is the true basis for both of them.

Variety also mentions, feeling a need to further depress us about Hollywood originality, that Short Circuit is one of many remakes on Dimension's film slate. Other projects include: Scanners (egh...), An American Werewolf in London (blagh...) and Hellraiser 3D (wait... its in 3D now?).

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