First Footage Arrives From Philip Ridley´s HEARTLESS!

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Philip Ridley won himself a lot of love many years back with a little vampire film titled The Reflecting Skin - a picture that stars a young Viggo Mortensen and an exploding frog - and has asked for a lot of patience from his fans ever since.  The Passion of Darkly Noon would follow a few years later but not a single new directorial effort has appeared from Ridley in the fifteen long years since until now.  It´s called Heartless, it stars Jim Sturgess as a young man who strikes a pact with the devil, and it won much love from our own Eight Rooks when it premiered at Frightfest in London.  And now you can get your first peek. With the film freshly screened in Sitges the production company has posted a behind the scenes look that includes the first actual footage to be released from the picture.  Check it below.
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