Fear The Burning Wrath Of The FIREMAN!

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For those unfamiliar, here's the deal with Canadian film collective Astron 6.  Originating as a bit of an ongoing joke between a group of Canadian friends with little else to do in Winnipeg - Winnipeg is like that, hence the good art scene there as well - Astron 6 began life turning out shot-on-video trailers for 1980s grindhouse films that never existed.  And while they've branched out from that ethos a little bit in recent years they've never abandoned it.  Astron 6 member Steven Kostanski has won a fair bit of love in these pages thanks to his short Heart of Karl and upcoming feature Manborg and now here comes co-founder Adam Brooks with something a bit closer to the origins of the group:  A two minute trailer for a non-existent slasher titled Fireman

Having just won top prize in the Winnipeg Short Film Massacre, Fireman is now available online and we've got it for you below.
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