Who is the code-breaker? Trailers for Chinese blockbuster THE MESSAGE

Nothing on Twitch about this yet that I could see, so let's play catchup - WWII espionage thriller THE MESSAGE from Chen Kuo-Fu ([i]Double Vision[/i]) and Gao Qunshu ([i]Tokyo Trial[/i]) looks to be the next high-profile Chinese blockbuster. Mainland production giant Huayi Bros. are throwing money at it, along with an A-list cast (Zhou Xun, Li Bingbing, Huang Xiaoming, Wang Zhiwen), some pretty slick production design, an intriguing premise and lots of room for nationalist melodrama. Could be a classic, could just be an entertaining bucket of popcorn, but either way it's looking very promising. Synopsis, a YouTube teaser, first trailer and relevant weblinks all follow after the break.

[quote]1942, Nanking. Following a series of assassination attempts on officials of the Japanese-controlled puppet government, the Japanese spy chief gathers a group of suspects in a mansion house for questioning. A tense game of cat and mouse ensues as the Chinese code-breaker attempts to send out a crucial message while protecting his/her own identity.[/quote]

Teaser trailer:

First trailer:

[i]The Message[/i] was apparently scheduled for a ten month shoot - first news of production was announced in April, though Huayi have not yet confirmed any kind of release date.

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