Tomoo Haraguchi Introduces You To His DEATH KAPPA!

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Best known for their backing of extreme splatter films Machine Girl and Tokyo Gore Police Fever Dreams are about to dip their toes into another part of the Japanese cult film pool with Tomoo Haraguchi's upcoming kaiju film Death Kappa. And, yes, Haraguchi has turned everybody's favorite friendly little turtle spirit into a fearsome giant killer. Don't know Haraguchi's name? You probably know his work. The man has done effects work for the likes of Kore-Eda (Air Doll) and Tsukamoto (Bullet Ballet) while designing creature effects for high profile films like Ashura and Uzumaki and you want kaiju cred? How about a bit of Gamera? This man knows his stuff, no doubt about it.

And while Haraguchi is still relatively early in the production of his latest directorial effort he has already put together an introductory promo that showcases both the miniature sets that will be used as well as the creature itself. And, yes, kaiju fans - this will be all old-school style: men in rubber suits and miniature buildings with not a digital effect to be found. Check out the promo below the break!

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