Slice It! Slice It! It's Nishimura's VAMPIRE GIRL VS FRANKENSTEIN GIRL Wrist Cutting Rally!

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Oh, Nishimura-san, what hath ye wrought? When ti comes to the fevered mind of the director of Tokyo Gore Police nothing should really come as a surprise, particularly considering that teen-girl wrist slicing featured prominently in Tokyo Gore as well, but he has clearly taken one of his favored motifs to a whole new level with Vampire Girl Versus Frankenstein Girl. A competitive level in fact, lining up a group of high school girls for a competitive wrist-slicing rally. Inappropriate? You bet. Bloody? Intensely. And the complete clip is now below the break along with the previously released trailer.

Vampire Girl Versus Frankenstein Girl will have its world premiere as part of the New York Asian Film Festival.

Wrist Cutting Rally


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