3 behind the scenes clips for Johnnie To's 'Vengeance'!

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Now that we have worked ourselves up into an absolute fervor over that trailer for Johnnie To's Vengeance we posted last week [19,000+ views! Well done everyone!] it is time to sit back, relax, and take a look at a trio of behind the scenes clips posted today over at Live for Films. They may only be around 30 seconds each but we here at Twitch appreciate what goes into making as film as much as the end product itself. The first clip is the shooting of the paper bundle shootout. The second appears to be a night scene with rain; bring on the umbrellas! Then the third appears to be a shootout in a confining city block with his Chinese cast blasting away. And if you haven't picked up by now why everyone is so excited about this film I've put the two trailers after the jump as well.

Get me to 20,000 views everyone!

Thanks Kurt for the heads up!

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