Amenabar's Epic AGORA In Trailer Form!

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[Updated with higher quality version of the trailer]

The lid is now off of the most tightly controlled film set in recent memory with the release of the first teaser for Alejandro Amenabar's massive historical epic Agora, which stars Rachel Weisz as famously atheistic Egyptian philosopher Hypatia back in the days when atheism could - and almost certainly would - get you killed. The flow of information from this one has been incredibly well stifled, given the scale of things, with only a few lonely images managing to get out but now, with the first teaser in hand, we can see this stuff in motion. The quality of the video file is, sadly, not nearly as epic as the film itself, but it still gives more than enough to prove that this thing will be jaw droppingly gorgeous. Check it below the break!

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