IFFR 2009 has the first audience screening of Joko Anwar's THE FORBIDDEN DOOR outside of Indonesia

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The website of the International Film Festival Rotterdam might not publish its complete programme till Thursday the 16th, but it is already leaking titles by the bucketload.
And there are many nice ones amongst those, genre and non-genre, like:

"Nightmare Detective 2",
"Tokyo Sonata",
"The Wrestler",
"Rule #1",
"Slumdog Millionaire",
"Takut: Faces of Fear",
"Art of the Devil 3",
"De Usynlige (Troubled Water)"
"Stora Planid (The Higher Force)"...

Last year people steered me towards a title I had never heard of, and that was "Let The Right One In" which turned out to be hands down one of the best films of 2008. I can only hope to be as lucky this year.

Yet what do I spot in the line-up?
Rotterdam has scored the International premiere of Joko Anwar's "The Forbidden Door". Last year his "Kala: Dead Time" impressed me very much, so I am very stoked about seeing his newest.

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