Robert Downey Jr Gets Nekkid And Bloody As Guy Ritchie's SHERLOCK HOLMES

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Color me intrigued by this one. While Guy Ritchie has always been a very current film maker and I have more than a little trouble seeing him making a period film I'm more than willing to make an exception in the case of Sherlock Holmes. Why? Well, beyond the very obvious British-ness of the character Holmes is such a study in contrasts with so many characteristics that play to Ritchie's strengths - a habitual drug user, blazingly intelligent and quick witted, always in conflict with larger forces - that I think this has the potential to work incredibly well. Throw in the brilliant casting of Robert Downey Jr as Holmes himself - pretty much an autobiographical role - Jude Law as Watson, plus the hugely under rated Mark Strong and you've got a stellar core.

And any fear that Ritchie may be reining himself in has pretty much just been thrown out the window with the arrival of the first images from the picture. Yes, the two-shot included to the left has been circulating for a while and is nothing to get worked up about but the latest shot - included at the link below - proves that Ritchie is bringing his own personality to the project. This is definitely going to be a much rougher take on the character than we're used to.

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