Finally! A Decent Trailer For Miike's YATTERMAN!

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No doubt about it, I love me some kid-friendly Takashi Miike. Yes, I love the adult version, too, but when Miike's in kid mode he just somehow taps into this sense of lunacy that reminds me of nothing so much of those crazy, physics-defying Tex Avery Road Runner cartoons and I love every minute.

Which brings us to Yatterman, Miike's big budget adaptation of the popular manga and anime series. It's big, goofy, birghtly colored and, until now, Miike has released only two trailers that contain basically a single shot each. But no more! It's still technically a teaser but there's a brand new one out there and this one runs a full minute and shows off characters, mecha and environments. Fun? You betcha. Check out all three teasers below the break.

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