The Apocalypse Comes To Canada In AFTERMATH

Todd Brown, Founder and Editor

[Updated with high res version of the teaser.]

There is a definite art to creating an effective teaser for a film, an art most people raised on MTV have no handle on at all. Yes, cutting a bunch of images from your film together as fast as you can can be effective but far more effective, I think, and often a far more truthful way to represent a film is to simply focus on a single, striking image. And that is the approach taken by indie Canadian post-apocalyptic flick Aftermath. One of the first handful of Canadian productions to be shot on the Red camera, Aftermath tells the story of a small group of survivors trying to simply survive in the aftermath of some cataclysmic event and aims to straddle the line between drama and horror. All that's been released so far is a very brief teaser but, yes, you may consider me teased. This looks excellent.

Check it in the Twitch Player below the break.

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