Beware The Giant Alien Bulldozer Of Doom! It's A Teaser For CRAWLER

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Don't let appearances fool you now. That hulking piece of machinery at the center of Montreal director Sv Bell's Crawler may look like an industrial bulldozer but it's not. Oh, no. And it's not just the fifty tons of terror that the poster promises, either. No, any old bulldozer would fit that bill except, I suppose, for a very small one. This bulldozer? This one's actually a shape shifting alien creature with a lust for blood. Expect loads of big, goofy carnage. And, as an added bonus, I'm fairly certain that's Arrow In The Head cohort Deke Richards getting electrocuted in the teaser. Deke's a good guy who deserves better from life than a hundred thousand volts of electricity but, hey, it makes for entertaining viewing. Check the teaser out in the Twitch Player below the break.

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