Japanese Theatrical Trailer For Tsukamoto's NIGHTMARE DETECTIVE 2!

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The simple fact that this is the latest from cult auteur Shinya Tsukamoto should be enough to get your attention on this one, that it's the sequel to his mind bending horror-mystery Nightmare Detective should seal the deal. Ryuhei Matsuda returns to the lead role as a suicidal man able to insert himself into the dreams of those around him and Tsukamoto creates a swirling, nightmarish reality.

Kyoichi Kagenuma, the Nightmare Detective, is back. Still plagued by his unwanted abilities – abilities that allow him to read thoughts and enter other people’s dreams – and still debating suicide as a means to end it all, all he wants is to be left alone with his misery. But solitude will not come. Drawn by word of his strange abilities a high school girl, Yukie Mashiro, comes to his home day after day begging him to free her from her recurring nightmares and even when left alone Kagenuma is plagued with visions of his mother who committed suicide when he was just a young boy. How can he find peace?

We ran the international trailer a while back and the full Japanese trailer has just been released as well. You'll find both below the break in the Twitch Player.

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