Mutant Boar on the Loose! First Stills for Korean Horror CHAW

With the box office success of The Host and D-War in Korea, its no wonder that the creature feature genre has become all the rage. Case in point, Polygon Entertainment has already two monster film line-up in production. There is Sector 7, a science fiction action/adventure blockbuster currently in development. Its about a crew of an oil rig battling deep-sea monsters. The other is Chaw, an action adventure/thriller about a small village being terrorized by a man-eating, mutant boar. Its directed by Shin Jeong-won (Sisily 2km) and stars Eom Tae-woong, Jang Hang-seon, Yoon Je-moon, Jeong Yu-mi and Pak Hyeok-kwon. At a budget of 5 million US, the film requires a team of visual effects artist to create a fully CG generated giant boar. Here's an excerpt from the press release:

Hans Uhlig, Polygon's founder and CEO, "Although we were able to use a practical, full-scale model of the creature for some of the effects shots, the majority of these shots required computer-generated imagery. We assembled our own team of highly skilled and experienced artists who created a fully CG creature, and their work is truly amazing. Be prepared to see some really incredible, and frightening visual effects!"

Uhlig, who also served as 2nd Unit Director, added, "As the majority of the film takes place in a rural setting, we were able to shoot most of the principal photography right here in northern California."

Our first look at the stills of Chaw is available at There is no money shots of the boar unfortunately but there is a shot of Jang Hang-seon finding a victim of the Boar attack. Ouch. Polygon Entertainment & Soo Jack Films has wrapped up principal photography last month. The release date is sometime in December.

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