NIFFF 2008 - Xavier Gens Talks Vanikoro, Martyrs, Snow & More!

Xavier Gens gets his first jury duty in the form of being on the jury here at 2008 NIFFF (Neuchatel International Fantastic Film Festival) in Switzerland. I sat down with him today to catch up with what he is working since I last interviewed him (read here). In this, part one of my interview we cover everything from his upcoming project Vanikoro in detail (Philip Seymour Hoffman and Viggo Mortensen casting would make Xavier very happy, as he considers him the best actors of this generation, but nothing has been confirmed), to Pascal Laugier’s Martyrs, more information on Snow, which is the next film from the Inside directors and on this new wave of French filmmakers. Part two to come soon. Watch part one after the link bump.

Martyrs incidentally, finally cleared its French ban which not only was keeping it out of theaters, but also at film festivals within French territories. It now has a been updated that it's only minors under 16 years of age that can't get in to see it. Martyrs will be released in France to the cinema on Wednesday, September 3.

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