NIFFF 2008 - Jesus Franco Talks 99 Women (1969)

Back on June 19th we brought you the Lars introduction to Jesus Franco's 1969 women in prison film, 99 Women (view here), and today we have Jesus Franco himself talking about the film. This interview took place at the 2008 NIFFF (Neuchatel International Fantastic Film Festival) in Switzerland. As you will see Mr. Franco is quite a character and still full of a tremendous passion for cinema. 99 Women is a pivotal women in prison film from the late late 1960's as it created a tidal wave industry for this type of film that proved to be commercially profitable and with an updated template to exploit and entertain audiences with.

In this interview we talk about:
* Thoughts on 99 Women
* Mercedes McCambridge as Thelma
* Rosalba Neri as Zoe
* Last Shot of Neri & Censorship
- He doesn't have much to say on the last shot, but agrees at how great it is.

Interview after the link bump.

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