NIFFF 2008 - Hideo Nakata on L: Change the World

At 2008 NIFFF (Neuchatel International Fantastic Film Festival) in Switzerland, I finally saw L: Change the World and had the chance to sit down with its director, Hideo Nakata to discuss it. The following does have some spoilers if you want to go into the film knowing absolutely nothing, but otherwise is spoiler free. The most marked departure in this latest Death Note series outing is the plot device switches to a more race against the clock to save the world. What did Nakata think of this shift and how was it for him in working with the very meticulous Kenichi Matsuyama who plays the title character of L?

In this interview we talk about:
* Getting Attached to Death Note Series with L
* Did He Have to Work with Death Note Series Rules?
* Working with Kenichi Matsuyama as L
* Making Kenichi Matsuyama as L an Action Hero
* Action Films That Inspired Film?
* James Bond "Save the World" Plot Influence
* Thai Action & Diarrhea
* Japanese Cinema Trend from Minimal to Extreme Violence

Interview after the link bump.

Some Spoilers!

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