Criterion Picks Up Nikkatsu Action Flick A COLT IS MY PASSPORT

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Very good news out of Fantasia last night. At the festival's first screening of Nikkatsu Action classic A Colt Is My Passport, series curator Mark Walkow dropped the fantastic news that the film has been bought for domestic release by the Criterion Collection, along with six other Nikkatsu Action titles. Though he was not specific on what the other titles were Walkow did mention that some early Seijun Suzuki titles were included in the purchase. These seven titles are in addition to at least three others that Criterion purchased years ago when they bought their slate of Seijun Suzuki films from the studio.

This will be the first time any films from the Nikkatsu Action series of releases have ever been available on any video format with English subtitles and these releases will make use of the freshly remastered transfers Nikkatsu recently prepared for the Japanese market. No firm release dates yet but expect these films to release some time in the next year as some sort of box set, most likely from Criterion's Eclipse imprint.

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