Pascal Laugier's MARTYRS Hit With 18+ Rating In France

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Without a doubt the single most devisive film to screen in the Cannes Marche Du Film this year was Pascal Laugier's grueling horror picture Martyrs. Though I didn't catch it myself by all accounts it is one of the most violent and troubling films to be made in years. How violent? It has just been hit with an 18+ rating in France. A rarity in France, the rating is the equivalent of an NC17 rating in the USA and will effectively kill the film's financial prospects if it is allowed to stand. The producers, not surprisingly, are appealing. Now, this sort of thing happens all the time with extreme films and the producers are never, ever happy about it but what seems to make this case unusual - at least from my perspective - is that the film makers were not allowed to take the stand at the hearing that imposed the rating. They were not permitted to explain or defend their work and now are labeling the entire process as nothing more than censorship. Hit the link below to read more about the process and come to your own conclusions ...

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