Corbucci's NAVAJO JOE out soon on R1 DVD by MGM!

About time! Corbucci's Navajo Joe, which so far has never been available on DVD outside Japan, is finally getting an English-friendly DVD release courtesy of MGM. Release date is set May 13, no details yet on any possible bonus features - but it's MGM, and so we should be lucky that they've gone through the trouble of releasing this at all. Previously, Navajo Joe was part of a bunch of spaghetti western gems rotting away in the license clutches of MGM, apparently deemed too unprofitable to be worth a DVD release. But, while Navajo Joe is a decent film, the most prominent victim of MGM's shelving practice has always been [b]Il Mercenario[/b]. Which means: BUY this disc when it comes out! And there might finally be a decent chance to see Corbucci's true masterpiece on DVD as well.

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