First Look At Sam Rockwell In CHOKE!

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Okay, Fight Club fans, listen up. Author Chuck Palahniuk has long had a number of his other books optioned - all of them at some point or another, actually - but none of the film versions have to come to pass as of yet for one reason or another. This has finally changed with Clark Gregg's adaptation of Choke, the story of a sex addicted con man who makes his living by staging his own choking episodes in expensive restaurant and playing upon the sympathies of those who 'save' him. It's just been announced that Gregg's film will be premiering at the Sundance Festival and I couldn't be more excited. As much as I love Fight Club it's Choke and Survivor that are constantly duking it out for top spot in the Palahniuk canon in my mind and done right Choke should be absolutely stunning on the big screen. Helping convince me that Gregg's doing it right is the casting of Sam Rockwell in the lead since Rockwell can seemingly do no wrong.

Anyway, all that to say this. We've just laid hands upon the first still of the film to be released anywhere and we share it here with you. Hit the link below for a much larger version.

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